A prince exiled. An heir murdered. A family subjugated. Fortune Sun, a modern retelling of an ancient Chinese legend, chronicles the clash between two intertwined dynasties fighting for power, wealth and honor. Set in New York City, it is an opulent drama that spans three generations, each with its own conflicts, but ultimately ruled by fate and driven by family loyalty.

WILLIAM SUN Classic immigrant success story, founder and president of Sun Construction, a billion dollar real estate firm.
ALICE (YU) SUN Resents William’s affection for Gordon, fierce protector of Jae.
MARGARET YU Raised Gordon as a single mother harboring a family secret unknown to Gordon.
GORDON YU Rising star at Sun Construction until wrongly blamed for a construction accident that killed his son.
ANGELICA YU Devoted wife who, in despair, seeks comfort with a former boyfriend, the prosecutor who put her husband in prison.
LILY YU Father’s infamy has made her a social outcast at her prep school.  Torn between Peter Lee and Mark Ryder.
JULIEN YU Princeton graduate, killed in Four Garden Hotel construction accident.
FELIX LEE Well-educated, wealthy rival of Gordon’s. Married to Jae.
JAE (SUN) LEE Believes she is rightful heir to her father’s firm, but must settle for wielding power through her husband.
PETER LEE Princeling at school. Secret crush on Lily Yu.
STEPHANIE LEE Queen bee of prep school, snubs Lily at every opportunity.